Guess what time it is? It’s College Football Road Trip Time!!!!

College Football Roadtrip Friends

Here are Some Handy Tips to Help Cut Road Trip Costs

There’s no better way to see your favorite college team (Go Gators!) play an away game than going on a road trip. It’s also the way to travel if you’re looking to manage costs so you can spend that much more money on BBQ and local craft beer. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to Miami, Orlando, Gainesville or even Tallahassee these will help get you there in better shape for the game. To that end, here are a few ideas to help ensure you have both a frugal and a good time on the road.

  1. Cut gas costs. Planning your route in advance will help you estimate your gas costs for the entire trip. Then, when you’re on the road, use the GasBuddy smartphone app to search for the lowest gas prices near you. (Pro tip: This app also comes in handy after a hurricane. It allows you to see which gas stations actually have gas. It is a HUGE help.)  Of course, you’ll also want to stick to the speed limit and keep your tires properly inflated to help improve gas mileage.
  2. Cut food costs. Think about sandwiches and drinks in a cooler rather than eating out. Packing healthy snacks will save you money and help save your waistline from the drive-through line. And, don’t forget your reusable water bottle to fill up at water fountains. Listen, save a penny here and there so you can spend real dollars at that amazing off-campus BBQ restaurant.
  3. Cut your lodging costs. If in a car why not book a “room” outdoors? As long as you have room for your camping gear, that is. Often you can book campsites in advance online. Look for campgrounds with nice facilities, such as showers and Wi-Fi. They are much cheaper than staying in a hotel. If the outdoor life isn’t for you, look for last-minute hotel deals using apps from, Priceline or Orbitz. (Pro tip: Use Uber or Lyft to get you to the stadium. Parking the family truckster or that giant RV near a stadium is no fun under even the best of conditions.)
  4. Cut entertainment costs. No matter which game you’re headed to, you can likely find some entertainment options that are either free or low-cost. You might come across free concerts, car shows or an art festival. (Trust me, art festivals are actually really cool) Plus, if your game is truly awesome, that means you get to create poster board art to show off at the College Gameday ESPN morning broadcast. (Please say hi to Lee Corso for us! We’re big fans.)

Whether you’re planning a long weekend or a couple of weeks on the road, we here at Goodlad & Swank Insurance wish you happy travels! Remember, we’re here to handle your car insurance needs to help keep you on the go. Speaking of go…Goooo Gators!!!!